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Welcome to Fat Filthy Over Fifty

Fat Filthy over fifty has been created to help men search for a slightly larger women over fifty to have sex with. Our site is teaming with chubby ladies with very high sex drives, looking for their next fuck. If you are actively looking for sex, then sign up for your free trial. If however you are only really browsing this might not be the site for you. Over 60% of the users on this site have met up for sex within the first 3 weeks. So it is certainly not for the faint hearted.

As many of you will know, our bigger site is called was set up in 2006 to help people have more sex. When the site first started men and women would contact each other and meet up for sex regularly. But over time, online dating has become much more popular. This could be due to the fact more people use their mobiles to do online dating. It could even be because more people have computers and Ipads in their home. Either way it was good news because more and more people started signing up for filthy over 50 dating.

This meant one thing, selection. Variety really is the spice of life, especially when it comes to finding your next fuck buddy.

The only problem

Slowly but surely the site grew to a point where our filthy members felt there was actually too much selection. Yes you did read that right, our members were actually complaining, as there was too much choice.

So we introduced filters. Now originally you could filter by location but we added additional filters to search like appearance and sexual interests. For example you could now search for chubby women, or women who enjoyed giving blowjobs (or both). After a while we realised that there was a huge demand for the fatter mature women. Turns out a lot of men want to have sex with a BBW. (Big Beautiful woman)

So we created this site. It is just as popular now as it was three years ago when we set it up. You have our guarantee that all women you see on this site will be fat! So if you are looking for a bit more meat on your woman you can begin your search here!

Larger women are better in bed.

Larger women do seem to have larger sexual appetites. I don’t know if this is because they love the attention of men. Perhaps they feel because of their size they have to work harder to please men. I don’t know what it is, but these women have a lot of sex. In fact, out of all of the women who sign up to filthy over fifty. The fatter women seem to have the most sex partners!

Sign up

The sign up process couldn’t be easier. It is 3 simple steps. All we ask for, is your birthday, a valid email and a password. But why do we require these things? Well we take this very seriously, our goal is to help you increase the amount of sex you are having. So our main aim is to make sure the people you are speaking to on our site are, who they say they are.

Age restriction is the first step we take. Secondly we require a real email address so we can let you know if someone has messaged you while your not on the site. Of course you can turn this off, but we do notice that people who are sent email alerts do tend to have more sex.

Finally we ask for a password so no one else can sign into your account. We do not ask for any bank details. We want you to have a look around our members without the stress of thinking money will be leaving your account for the privilege.

If you are in anyway unhappy with our service, please to not hesitate to let us know and rest assured, if you decide to leave we will not be bothering you again.

We hope you find a new fat fuck buddy on our site!

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